Tuesday, November 23, 2004

The Little Chemist

Weekend before last, the boys and I went geocaching with some guys from church. It was a lot of fun; we ended up driving from Boise almost to Mountain Home through the desert. We found 3 good caches. We're definitely going to do that again. This week, while we're in Salmon, we're going to try to find a couple more, and probably place one or two of our own. Anyway, after a full day (7 hours), we went to a concert--Grand Prize, Jonah33 and Pivitplex. We left about half way through Jonah33; they were great, but I'd already seen them in Twin Falls at Rock the Canyon this summer, and we were all beat. On the way home, the boys asked if I would read them a book when we got home. I told them it was way too late, we needed to be up at 7:00 the next morning since I was playing in the worship band, etc. [Jeff switches gears, but promises this will eventually be relevant]. A couple of weeks ago at work, I was talking with the manager of our chemical lab. I was telling her how Isaac is so interested in science and especially chemistry--he's asking Santa for a chemistry set, white lab coat and beakers--and she's always thrilled to see kids interested in such things. She lent me some books to read to/with him--dictionaries of chemistry, physics and biology. They're actually pretty good, as they have lots of pictures and explain thing quite plainly. Isaac has been picking up on some of the concepts pretty well. [He brings it back home]Soooo, as Isaac and Ben were pleading with me to read to them before bed, I relented and said that I'd read one page out of the chemistry dictionary. Isaac promplty informed me, with as much disgust as he could muster, "Dad, it's not a chemistry dictionary, it's a Dictionary of Chemistry." Oy. The joys of being technically smacked down by a 6-year old.


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