Saturday, April 23, 2005

Busy Spring Day

Sold the Jeep today and bought a '93 Plymouth Acclaim. I'll miss the "cruiser" this summer, but it'll be nice not having a payment. I'll drive the Acclaim for a year or so, pay off some bills and double my gas mileage in the process :) It was a State vehicle that's in great shape except for the paint job. As Isaac put it, "The outside looks pretty shabby, but inside it's really nice." We had to go to Emmett to get it, but it was a nice drive.

When we got back from Emmett, we went to Ben's Family Restaurant/Qwik Wok in Kuna. All had Chinese. Benjamin told us that one of the neighborhood kids called one of the other kids a bad name today. We asked him what he said, and Ben said he couldn't say it. We told him it was OK to tell us what the word was. He said, "Um, actually, I can't remember what it was...but it had a hole in it."

Speaking of Benny, it was a big day for him today--he rode his bike without training wheels for the first time! We've tried a few times this spring, and it just wasn't working for him. Today he and Isaac were at a birthday party in the neighborhood. Ben looked at his friend's bike and thought, "I think I can ride that." Well, he did. So we took his wheels off, and now he's all over the neighborhood.

Isaac lost another tooth yesterday. Forgot to put it under the pillow last night, so we were going to do it tonight. Isaac said he wanted to take it to school to show everyone, and I asked it he wanted to wait until Monday night for the Tooth Fairy to come. He decided he'd rather take the money and run.

It was a pretty nice day today, mostly sunny, around 70 deg. Had a few spits of rain mid-afternoon. We're starting to get our landscaping in shape; planted 5 burning bushes today and have 11 more to plant plus a crabapple tree. Hopefully we can get those done tomorrow.


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