Tuesday, August 08, 2006

See You on the Other Side, Grandma

My Grandma Schwartz (my dad's mom) passed away on Sunday night. She was 85. She'd been in a nursing home for a few years, and then my dad's oldest brother and his wife took care of her in their home. From what I hear, she went peacefully. We can rest in the assurance that she's with Christ now. Her funeral is on Monday, August 14 in Terreton. We'll miss you Grandma. Thanks for all the great memories--fishing at Wade Lake; arrowhead hunting in the Mud Lake desert; giving ourselves the heebie-jeebies in your dark basement; hours of playing pool...being watched over by the velvet dogs playing poker; the ice cold pitcher of water that was always in your fridge; you always pretending you didn't know it was us when we'd come Trick-or-Treating. We love you. See you on the other side.