Thursday, November 29, 2007

ASP.Net AJAX Chat Client

Since my work blocks IM programs, including web-based ones like meebo (which I happen to love), I thought I'd write my own light-weight, web-based chat client that I could deploy to my personal web site. It's not fancy by any stretch of the imagination, but it does allow basic communication, and you should be able to use it as a working model. It's created in ASP.Net 2.0, using AJAX for periodic message polling. It's a quick and dirty implementation, nothing elegant, and I'm going to modify it as time goes on--adding a proper authentication method is going to be the first change. I thought I'd post the code files here, in case someone is looking for a similar application.

You should be able to drop the files on your server, create the IIS application and run it as-is. Throughout the code, there are some likely things you'll want to change (search the files for TODO). Again, this is a first-stab just to get a working model. I'll likely change the message posting to use AJAX as well, remove the use of IFRAMEs, change the message storage to something more persistent than application variables (actual persisted chat logs), add a few user-based customization features, and as already stated, use a standard authentication model. I hope it's useful to someone.

Download the Code

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Halloween Kids

Here's a pic of the kids in their Halloween costumes. We really went all out.

Monday, May 28, 2007

A Memorial Day To Remember

What a weekend. We started off to Salmon on Thursday afternoon. About 29 miles outside of Stanley, the truck quit. Thankfully we were able to coast into one of the few turnouts going up Banner Summit. I unloaded my bike and started off toward Stanley. About 7 miles out, I was able to get cell service and called a tow truck from Ketchum. I rode into town, got some snacks and headed back to the family. I wasn't prepared for riding at miles per hour in the evening with light rain. By the time I got back to the truck, I wasn't too far from being hypothermic. We hung out for another hour and a half until the tow truck showed up. We all piled in and arrived in Stanley at about 10:00pm. Luckily the Mountain Village Inn had rooms available, allowed pets and had great prices. Unfortunately, all of the restaurants were closed, so the boys had hot chocolate for dinner.

The next morning we made calls to figure out how to get us, the truck and the motorcycles to Salmon, since Stanley has no mechanic. Finally, we decided to have a tow truck from Salmon River Motors come pick up the truck. Dad and Mom (Bud and Jan) came and picked us and the motorcycles up. We finally got to Salmon at 4:00pm on Friday. After about an hour, I stopped by the garage, and they'd just finished replacing the ignition coil. Ran like a top. I hurried back to Mel and Martha's showered and headed off to nephew John's graduation. It was a great ceremony.

On Saturday, the kids wanted to hang out and play with cousins, so Julie and I went for a motorcyle ride up Black Rock, northwest of town. We went up about 3 1/2 miles and found a good place to stash a geocache. Just when we finished up, Julie got a call on her cell phone. Ben had sliced one of his fingertip pads off while he was smashing some old bricks at Papa Mel's. We raced back to town as fast as we could. His pad was hanging on by a small piece of skin, and the bleeding had stopped. We cleaned it out, bandaged it up, and it's doing quite well now. Saturday evening we went up to Jenny and Curt's (Julie's sister and brother-in-law) house and had John's graduation/Isaac's birthday dinner. In addition to all the Andrews clan, Curt's dad, mom, aunt and cousin were there. We had a lot of good food and laughs.

On Sunday afternoon, we loaded up the bikes and headed off to Silver Moon Estates, just outside of Gilmore, with my Mom and Dad. They dropped me, Julie and the boys off at Gilmore, and we rode to the old Democrat Mine that Dad used to work at. It was a bit windy and threatened to rain, but it was a great ride. The boys are really becoming good riders, and it was so nice to spend time together in the outdoors. We headed over to Silver Moon, where we have some friends that are building cabins. Mom and Dad were at Bruce and Suzette's, along with their kids, grandkids and other friends. There was food galore, including summer sausage, brats and wine that Travis had made. The kids made s'mores, we chit-chatted for a while and headed over to Doug and Buck's cabin. We visited for a bit and headed home around 10:00pm.

We left Salmon on Monday around 1:30 and got home around 7:00. We ordered pizza on the way and picked it up when we got into town. All in all, it was a great weekend, despite the 20-hour, $1000 detour. Any time I get to ride with my family is a great time. It's my favorite thing to do.

Here are some pics of our weekend.