Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Cover Songs That Spank the Original Versions

Born To Be Wild
Original by Steppenwolf:

The Cult's version:

Black Betty
Original by Ram Jam- I'm pretty sure this debuted on a 1977 broadcast of A Prairie Home Companion.

Spiderbait's version - There ain't no prairies in Austrailia...just gator-infested outback, machetes and bullwhips.

Original by George Michael- For those who truly believe that the guy in the adjacent park bathroom stall will start tapping his foot...

Limp Bizkit's version - For the pee-off-the-back-porch kind of guy who prefers irreverant man-screaming. A complete sonic mockery of the original. Poifect.


jeff said...

Yeah, I know Lead Belly recorded Black Betty in 1939, but that doesn't get any radio play, so I credited Ram Jam with the cheese-laden version you'll hear if you're listening to the wrong station.

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