Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I Could Get Used to This

We had a great trip to Oregon. We did a lot of the standard tourist things, but here are a few of the highlights for me.

Horsetail Falls - This was great for a couple of reasons: 1)Every other time we've gone through The Dalles, we've always gone at break-neck speed, with no time to waste. It was nice to take the scenic route and enjoy the ride; 2)After being in the car for several hours, it was a good outlet for the boys. It was the perfect place to expend lots of excited energy, and it was great to see their awe.

Crabbing - Kicking back, watching the boys chat up everyone else on the dock, not a care for how many hours have passed...that's what I call a vacation. And hearing Isaac inform all dungeness crabs that he would exact revenge (after finding out that crab claws can indeed be faster than kid fingers) by catching the largest of the lot--and then doing just that--was priceless.

Cafe Mundo - This funky, hippy hangout in Newport's Nye Beach District had really good food and an eclectic atmosphere. The best part though, was open mic night. Ben got up and read his poem I Am. OK, I had to pay him to do it, but it was worth it to see him gather the courage to get in front of a bunch of strangers and share one of his creations. They all loved it.

The Sand Dunes - We took a sandrail ride just outside of Florence. We thought about renting one, but decided to take a guided tour. We're glad we did. Those guys are professionals, and they gave us way more of a thrill than we would have given ourselves. When they say, "Make sure you don't have any lip stick or chapstick on your lips" before you take off, they mean it. Definitely worth the money and the trip south.

Those are the big things that stick out in my mind. They're actually pretty small, and mostly unexpected things, but the ones memories are made of. Here are some some pictures of our trip.


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