Tuesday, December 23, 2008

87847063, Better Known As 01010111010101000100011000111111

Why is it that web site designers can't figure out that credit card expiration dates don't include month names or 4-digit years? You go to make a purchase, you enter your information, you get to the expiration date...it lists January, February, March, etc. THE ****ING CARD USES NUMBERS, YOU ASS RABBITS. NOT JUST MY CARD, BUT EVERY SINGLE CREDIT CARD EVER MADE IN THE HISTORY OF CREDIT CARD HISTORY. They don't have September, Sept, Sept-1 or even 1(Sept). It's a number, 01 through 12, end of story. Same goes for the year. The card says "Valid through 09/11". That means when I see boxes to enter the expiration date, the first box should contain selections 01 through 12 and nothing else. And the second box should contain selections [current year] through [ I don't care how far forward you want to go, just make it a 2-digit year--do you really need to put 2011? If you just put 11 like they do on the card, might we confuse it with 2111 or 2211? No, we won't. We're not you.] and nothing else.

I'm surprised they don't make you enter your name by the numeric placement of the letters in your name. In order to match the expiration date stupidity quotient, instead of Jeff, they should make me enter 10566. Or better yet, require that I enter the ASCII values of all letters and numbers. Ah hell, just make it binary.

Happy shopping,
  aka 74101102102
  aka 01001010011001010110011001100110


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