Saturday, December 13, 2008

Dick Pants Gets It Wrong Again (How Surprising)

We were promised snow last night by all the local weathermen. Seeing that there are two types of forecasters (those who don't know and those who don't know they don't know) it came as no surprise that we got a little rain but no snow. My favorite local chump is Rick Lantz, to whom I gave the more fitting name of Dick Pants. You'd think with his fancy, handy dandy, technologicationated Storm Tracker 7,000,000 (or whatever he's calling it these days), he could be correct every now and again. Scott Dorkval is no better. Guess I'll be better served by using my weather rock. Hang on...the rock is white, looks like snow. Finally. See how easy that was? Good thing I didn't shell out the money to get a degree in being wrong.


Beatnik said...

Dude! Riddle me this! Whre else can you get a Degree in whatever its called, get yourself some face time in front of a town who if they see you publicly get all twisted and sometimes want your autograph. Get payed high end wages to do your job where there is never any consequences for never(as in ever) having to be right. They once in a while guess right and then, even they get all wigged out about it. I think they would have better luck getting on teh phone and calling some place in Oregon and ask them, "Hey, whats it doing outside?" then telling everyone, this is what is coming.

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