Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Genius of the Day Contest

OK, this one has to use the honor system. No Googling or in any way searching for the answers--you either know them or you don't. Don't sacrifice your integrity for the sake of the prize (though I know how coveted it is). Whoever can correctly answer the most questions about Land of the Lost will be be crowned Genius of the Day.

  1. What is the name of the Sleestak ancestor who knows how to control the time portal, and what species is he?

  2. Which dude in the Sleestak suit went on to play in the NBA?

  3. What species was Chaka?

  4. What did Rick, Will and Holly call the giant stick they used to fend off the T-Rex?

  5. What was the name of the dinosaur that protected the Lost City and the Sleestak eggs?

  6. Trump Card(correct answer automatically wins the whole show): In the 1st season episode named The Hole, what special effects anomoly occurred? (OK, you have several to choose from, but this one really sticks out.)

And in case you're thinking the same thing as one of the guys I work with--"The fact that you have even the remotest knowledge of any of this makes me wonder if you have ever been with a woman"--you'll have to take that up with Julie.


Vix said...

I decided not to Google...but I did ask Psymon Sez... and he didn't know any of them! Oh, he tried to guess & was familiar with everything, but was not able to answer any of the actual questions. Hey...at least I knew what a Sleestak was! There's even a song about Sleestak's...somewhere on the Hard-Drive of Doom! ~Vix

jeff said...

Unhand that Sleestak tune!

Anonymous said...

Maybe you can make a Sleestak sconce with LED for our bedroom....and give it those realistic sound effects from Land of the Lost!

jeff said...

MAYBE?!?! You know I can. Although I think I should do the crystals rather than a Sleestak head. That way I can provide my own sound effects. I know, I know...you're getting all hot and bothered just thinking about it.

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