Monday, December 08, 2008

Nice Job There, ColdMilliVanillaIcePlay

What a bunch of choads. Coldplay's song, Viva La Vida is up for a Grammy this year. Problem is, they didn't write the song. They ripped it off from guitar virtuoso Joe Satriani. It's not similar--it is the exact same tune as If I Could Fly. Imagine Joe's surprise when he finds out someone else is getting credit for his song. He's suing. He will win. This is nothing new for Coldplay. Their song Yellow conveniently borrows riffs from Radiohead's This Is The Place. Hey Chris Martin (Coldplay's singer): everyone knows that when you try coming up with your own crap, you step all over your dick. You can't even name a damn kid without an epic fail. Apple? Really? Couldn't you have applied at least some of the plagiaristic genius you use on your songs and ripped off a human name? Jackass. I haven't seen such blatant plagiarism since Led Zeppelin pretended they, rather than Willie Dixon, wrote Bring It On Home.

You be the judge. Here's a mashup of the Satriani and Coldpay songs being played on top of each other. If you're not familiar with either song and you can't tell which is which...EXACTLY:


Beatnik said...

I wonder what Joe was doing listening to these guys anyway. Nice Work!

jeff said...

He was just seeing what the kids are all atwitter about these days.

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm. It does sound very similar. You know I'm not a Joe fan, and I also do not like the the Coldplay song. But I do like the names of his children--Apple and Moses. Very unique. And you know I like unique! Who's Unique?!

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