Monday, January 26, 2009

I Actually Saw This With My Own Eyes

Getting coffee this morning at my favorite coffee house, I saw this and had to get physical proof:

It's not a Messiah Complex if he actually saves the world

Unbe-f#$%ing-lievable. Now, before you chide me for breaking my "no political discussions" rule, hold up. Commenting on creepy-assed, doe-eyed nutters whose fawning, all-encompassing devotion is on par with that of a Stepford Wife, is not a political comment but a social one. You want to support one politician over another? I couldn't care less. I don't base who I like or hang out with on such things. But if you're so taken in by any human being that you do anything other than stare in disbelief at quotes like the one above, you're way too much of a freak for me. And I have a gargantuan tolerance for freakiness.


Jayna Shaye said...

OMFG! If I had seen that sign I would of taken it down, shredded into pieces and flushed it down the toilet.

I am absolutely freaking TERRIFIED at what is coming. That sign just reinforces WHY...

James said...

Ha! This is GREAT! I would have torn it down too, but KEPT it. This would have been a priceless memento of the "era"! I was out at Navy Pier in Chicago back in 2008 and saw a coffee mug with this same image / slogan on it. I should have bought it. What a joke.

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