Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Intellectual Honesty

No matter how much we've thought through things, many (if not most) of our beliefs are the result of preconceived notions. We rarely challenge them beyond the surface. We all have a set of arguments we use to defend our beliefs. Most of those arguments are nothing more than pat answers that prevent us from looking at things with an untainted eye. We pretend to really examine things, but in reality we only do so up to the point where we know the belief isn't actually threatened.

Name one personal belief that you have sincerely challenged the validity of in the last year. I'll start: the belief that one political party gooood, other political party baaaad.


Jayna Shaye said...

Having spent the last few years feeling like Christianity doesn't really make sense and searching for what "speaks" to me I finally, sincerely, jumped headlong into Wicca. It has been something I was drawn to for years and finally committed to studying and learning all I can.

It feels good to finally have the courage to seek my own path and not just continue to follow the one I was put on by my someone else.

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