Wednesday, January 21, 2009

My Recording Studio, Part Deux

I finally figured out the solution to my problem. All I had to do was go to the garage, get the Pinnacle TV tuner I bought for my PC (yet another woot gem), plug it into the USB port, tune to channel 6.1, and I'm off to the rodeo. I can record to the hard drive and then burn it to DVD so I can watch it on my 56" TV instead of the 14" laptop screen. Oh, wait a minute...that's right, I'm still me.

I can watch live TV no problem (if you define "no problem" as the tuner taking up 85% of the CPU on a one-year-old dual core 64-bit PC with a couple gigs of RAM). It was taunting me--triple-dog daring me, in fact--to attempt recording. I bit and found the CPU soaked at 100%, making for a signal that's more choppy than a Verizon call on Meridian Road. Alas, I ended up suffering through commercials to get in the season premier of Lost. But the TV signal won't win. It's becoming personal, kind of like the time I spread 9 coats of paint upstairs in order to get it to look the way it was supposed to. I'm going to throw one of these things at it, and it'll be all over.

And, by the way, Lost kicked ass. It's getting a little too sci-fi for Julie, but I'm digging it hard.


Julie Summers said...

It's not that it is too just does not make sense.

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