Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Boise Drum Lessons Review

Isaac's been taking drum lessons from Blake Durst at http://wwww.boisedrumlessons.com. Not only is Blake a working musician, he's a wicked good drum teacher. He's a young guy who knows his stuff (he has a music degree), he's a kick-ass drummer, and he knows how to teach. He's fantastic with kids. Isaac's been thriving under his instruction. If you're looking for a drum teacher in Boise, I can't recommend Blake enough. He's fun, professional, energetic, and he's exceedingly accountable--something that seems to be lost on a lot of musicians. To top things off, he has good rates. Give Blake a call, you can thank me later. And don't let his (up to this point) meager web site scare you off--he's too busy doing real work to be a web master.


van said...

Blake is a great drummer and a natural-born teacher! He is patient, innovative, prepared and a lot of fun!! I highly recommend him for students of any age!

Unknown said...

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