Thursday, September 18, 2014

The Beardsmith Barber: Boise's Premier Barber

Got a beard? If not, go get one. Once you do, you need to see Wendy Rose, The Beardsmith Barber of Boise, Idaho. Located at 3302 W Overland Rd, she's Boise's Premier Barber. She specializes in precision men's haircuts. When I say precision, I mean precision. Tired of having lines around your head because the person who's been cutting your hair can't properly blend and fade a cut? You need to see Wendy. More importantly, as The Beardsmith, she is adept at all manner of beard maintenance. Beard trimming. Beard shaping. Beard conditioning. Neck and cheek line-ups. Don't worry, she doesn't want to get rid of your beard, she wants to make it as stellar as possible. And that's exactly what she'll do. She's even coming out with her own line of specialized beard care products. Can't grow a beard for whatever reason? Kick back in The Beardsmith's chair and get a relaxing hot towel straight razor shave. You owe it to your face.

So get your beard (and your shaggy-ass haircut) down to The Beardsmith Barber of Boise. Wendy will care for your beard even better than you will. She loves the beard that much and is just that good. Contact her via one of the following places: